This was a collaborative piece with myself and other students of Abertay University, and Disney Research. 
The focus of this project was to create a 3D animation with a focus on Narrative, and VR. This was to show of Disney's current research into Lightmapping rendering. 
I was tasked with the creation of the external environment. This included the creation of tree and plant assets and the editing of additional plants using the X-frog Plant library. At the start of the project, I was heavily invested in working on the pre-visualization and look Dev, with the creation of textures and shaders. Later into the project I also undertook a small technical supervisor role, in assistance in teaching other members of the project how to use some of the programs such as Renderman and Substance Painter. 
The project was rendered in Renderman. 

This project was also included in 2017's SIGGRAPH VR Village, The paper can be found here.

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