I was hired by Vision Mechanics, a theatre company to create animations for a couple of there characters. 
I created them for an app that was to go with there latest show, Dragon Matrix which was an Augmeted Reality (AR) shown at Monikie Park Scotland in October of 2016. 
You can get more information about the show here : www.dragonmatrix.org.uk
"Justin took advice on board like a champ and completed tasks at an efficient pace, hitting all deadlines. He was quick to respond to emails and suggestions, and is clearly keen on learning all he can about 3D animation."                                                                                  - From Saara Vakiparta   (Lead Animator.)     www.folkbeard.com
Above is a still of the two characters I was assigned to animate, and below are the animations I created for the characters. 

I am only resonsable for the animation. 
As this is my first job in this industry since leaving collage, I was also featured in the local paper, as It was also just as I had finished my course.
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