This is the last project that I have undertaken at college level. 
the project was to create what ever i wanted as long as it followed the process we have learnt over the last two years and it fitted with one of the already set areas to specialize in.
I chose to specialize in environmental design and modelling.
My project was a short animation based upon the teen fiction book. H.I.V.E (Higher Institute for Villainous Education.) 
The book is about kids who have been kidnapped and taught to be villains, they have to have been bad already though. 

In the book there is a part were a monstrous plant runs rampart and destroys several areas of the facility. 
One of which is a hydroponics lab. this is what I chose to create.

The above 3 Pages is my research and evaluation of images of things that I already knew were a part of the description of the environment according to hints and information I have gathered from the book.
The above two pages is my search into coming up with a style for the environment,the first set of images is from my fathers place of work, these had a huge influence in the style. 
These two pages are a collection of images of plants that i gathered on a visit to the local botanical gardens. I focused more on the tropical looking ones, as they best matched the description within the book.
these 3 images are my initial ideas for 3 different looking labs, each with a different layout and shape to the room.
I then put research into the type of lighting I wanted to replicate. I wanted to re-create some of the lighting I saw on my visit to the botanical gardens, which was rays of light coming through and highlighting the shape of the plants and objects.
I looked heavily into an digital artist named GLEB ALAXANDROV. who creates very stylized scenes with heavy focus on the lighting. That's what can be seen on the second image.  
One i had created all the pre-production, I started modelling my plants for the scene. i used a prefab system to create them. Creating lots of smaller plant pieces allowed me to mix and match them to create a variety of plants very quickly and efficiently which saved a lot of time.
this is a shot of how my plants look after I have imported them into 3DS Max. I'm very happy with how they came out, with all of them looking unique and different.
Once I had created the plants, i began working on the rest of the scene, These 3 images show my progress for creating the dome and plants. 
After I had my modelling complete, I went into almost every lighting setting and adjusted them to my preferences that I thought would give me the best results.
I put a lot of focus into volumetrics and global illumination to try and create the most atmospheric looking light I can within the remaining time I had left.
This is my final result for the project, Overall I am happy with the result. But as always there are some little things that I am unhappy with, and I will probably go back in and change them after some time. 
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